Friday, September 16, 2005

Amber Circle gains sponsors!

The one good thing about TV soaps is that the fans can partake in all the romance and drama and mystery they want on a daily or weekly basis and enjoy them competely free of charge, apart from paying for their cable or satellite bill, that is. Of course, the reason for this is because advertisers and other "sponsors" cover the cost of a show's production...the only requirement for a TV soap fan is that they have to suffer through an endless string of commercials every 10 minutes or so. (I'm sure there are many people like myself who thank God on a daily basis for VCRs, especially with commercials eating up more and more minutes each year on any given network, including cable channels. It's to the point of absurdity when you click on any given channel at any time or the day or night and you find nothing but commercials.)

But I digress...

So what's a book company to do when they have a similar product? I mean, apart from the consumer dishing out their hard-earned money to purchase each episode of your soap opera, how would the writers, the editors, the artist, the webmaster, and the book formatting staff get compensated for the 50-100 hours needed each month to produce novella-length offerings?

The answer is surprisingly simple...take a page (no pun intended) from their television soap opera counterparts and seek advertisers, sponsors who are willing to help cover the overhead costs of producing an E-Soap Opera.

Can it work? Thankfully, the answer is "YES."

The powers that be at Amber Quill Press have worked out the details of having Corporate Sponsors for Amber Circle! And because of the sponsors already on board, helping to defray the cost of producing each new episode, the company is now able to cut the price of all Amber Circle episodes in half. These new sale prices go into effect immediately! $2.50 per episode (or in other words, $2.50 for a book approximately 25,000 words in length—about 100 pages, depending on the e-format and reading device one uses). Not too shabby in today's e-book market where books of this length usually run anywhere from $5.00 to $7.00. Yes, this price drop is definitely welcome news for the consumer, thankfully, as well as the entire Amber Circle staff.

A rousing "Thank You" to the sponsors currently on board who have made this drop in consumer pricing possible!!!



Are you interested in having ads for your products or services appearing within future episodes of Amber Circle? We are currently offering full- or half-page ads within future episodes, with another complimentary "sister-ad" on the official Amber Circle website.

Please note: Because of the technical limitations regarding several formats of electronically released books, ads featuring "images" are not possible within the episodes themselves. Although only "Text Ads" can be included within electronic book files, "image-based" ads ARE possible on the website...and at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Therefore, every "text" ad purchased and scheduled for inclusion within any future Episode can have a free "graphic" ad displayed on the website as well. That's two ads for the price of one!

For advertising rates, up-to-the-minute scheduling and space availablity, and further information, please contact us at with your queries. Please also put into the Subject Line "Amber Circle Advertising" (or similar wording) so your questions can be directed to the proper individual within our marketing department.

(Although Amber Circle occasionally contains material of an adult nature, we reserve the right to reject any advertisement containing material we consider improper for inclusion within future episodes or on our website, as well as ads for services we consider inappropriate for a more "general" audience. Further details are available upon request.)


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