Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New Character in Development

A new character is coming soon to Amber Circle...

Avalon Lee

Although this Asian beauty is currently in the "personality development stage," we do know she is the daughter of Chen Lee (Dana Grayson's mentor), highly educated and in her mid-twenties, and will come to Amberston at Dana's request to help in the Chantilly investigation. The authors assigned to "create" Avalon say she is a world traveler and also, like her father and Dana, a dealer in antiquities. Because of her knowledge of all things supernatural and mystical, Avalon will not only aid Dana in her "ghostly research," but will also find herself on the extremely long list of Olivia Devon's enemies, especially when she shows her shrewd sense for business and unshakeable defiance. Her exotic good looks will also turn the heads of several men in Amberston, and one man in particular will quickly develop an obsession for her.

At this point in time, it's uncertain when exactly Avalon will make her first appearance in Amber Circle, but her arrival will likely be shrouded in mystery and will definitely make an impact on the other principle characters.


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